The fruit flavored Pocky had launched over a year ago but was not making much awareness and sales on the shelving. Our client decided an event was needed for more people to try the product. However, we only had a small budget for this event. A smart and engaging idea was needed. Eating Pocky has always been a fun activity, so we come up an idea “Bite into a stick of Cooling Happy Grains”, an integrated online & offline communication to show the fruity, cooling feature of our product.

Through online & offline engagement, “Bite into a stick of Cooling Happy Grains” bring more smiles in this summer. The event activation across 3 cities of China:, Guangzhou, Shanghai & Harbin. We created an instant GIF-maker that would show you what happens when you bite into a stick of Pocky Fruit Flavored Cooling Happy Grains. For online activation, a mobile version on China’s biggest social platform- Wechat was also executed for those who couldn’t experience the fun on the event site.

Representative of Pocky, Kai Zheng 郑恺


Produced at Dentsu